Yale Real Living  

Manufacturer:YaleModel:Real Living
Creator:ControlUIModified Date:Thu Jun 08 13:19:35 UTC 2017
Device Type:LOCK_ZIGBEE_YALEControl Method:
Supported OS Version: All Control4 OS versions 1.7.4 and above
Driver Type:C4I   

Control4 certified on 4/26/2016 for software released version: 2.8.2
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Yale Smart Locks  

Manufacturer:YaleModel:Assure, nexTouch, Doorman
Creator:YaleModified Date:Wed Oct 16 12:30:00 UTC 2019
Device Type:LOCKControl Method: ZigBee
Supported OS Version: Control4 OS version 2.6.0 and above
Driver Type:C4Z  (This driver type requires Control4 OS version 2.6.0 or higher)
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